Husky Adventure

The winter scenery of the taiga forests gives way to the beauty of the frozen lakes.
A feeling of open space and peaceful motion awaits as you jump on the runners of the sled. You will have your own team of dogs taking you through the trails. Along the way you will stop on a secluded island and enjoy a delicious camping lunch in the warmth of our yurt. We drive 2 persons per sled and after the break at the yurt, driver and passenger can switch roles.
The program includes driving instructions, winter equipment (overalls, gloves, winter boots and a warm hat) as well as camping luch and beverages. After we finish driving you will get to meet the huskies on a tour in the kennel. The trail is 20 km and the whole program takes about 4 hours. Children must be accompanied by an adult.



Hyvölänkyläntie 1, 88610 Vuokatti


Suomi, English



Suitable for:

This activity suits for those who appreciate being in the moment and the lack of being in rush.

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