About us

Information about the company

Vuokatti Husky was founded in 2004 by Kimmo and Päivi Laasonen. Since then, Kimmo and Päivi have organized husky safaris of different lengths and nature tours. The well-being of the dogs is the most important thing for the entrepreneurs, and the work is done on the dogs' terms.

About our dogs

The Vuokatti Husky dog family currently includes about 100 huskies. Our kennel has a few Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Huskies and Scandinavian dogs.
The well-being of dogs is the most important thing for us and we develop the company according to the needs of the dogs. The training of dogs is done through positive reinforcement, and we do not use punishment as a training method.
As they get older, dogs retire from sledding, and retired dogs often act as teachers for younger dogs.


Kimmo Laasonen

Entrepreneur, CEO, tour guide

Kimmo has been a long-time safari guide since 1998. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as a nature tour guide and snowmobile guide. He has been an entrepreneur since 2004, having founded Vuokatti Husky Oy. Kimmo has a great sense of humor and he has a lot of funny stories to tell. 

Päivi Laasonen

Entrepreneur, HR, tour guide

Päivi is Vuokatti Husky's second entrepreneur and a heartfelt husky lady. She knows everything about our dogs, and she guides both dogs and human staff. 

Gregory Evans

Tour guide, handyman

Greg is a versatile guide and Vuokatti Husky's handyman. Greg is a wonderful coworker from Autralia with a great sense of humor. 

Talita Björkstedt

Tour guide, office

Talita is an irreplaceable multi-talent employee in our company. She works as a tour guide, takes care of the dogs and manages our social-media. 

Hannu Juntunen

Tour guide, office

Hannu is our company's confidant: in addition to working as a guide, he makes sure that the rest of us don't get in trouble with modern technology. He is a versatile handyman Juntunen and a humoristic storyteller.  

Minna Tuhkalainen

Tour guide

Minna has slipped from teaching to safari tour guide. She loves customer service. Dogs have been a part of Minna's life since she was a little girl. Working with sled dogs has been a natural choice. Another passion is snowshoeing and walking in nature. Minna has a lot of knowledge about the history and stories of Kainuu. 

Helena Kortelainen

Tour guide

Helena, aka Hellu, has been the latest to join our company, but is a very versatile worker. Helena is interested in nature and hunting, and she is familiar with guiding both husky safaris and nature tours. 

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